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Wednesday 7 February 2018

Torture... redux.

Just a quick word to let people know I'm over the worst, in case you were worrying.

Yesterday was easily the closest I've come. I'm not entirely out of the woods, and I'm still away from social media for the moment, but still answering DMs in case anybody needs me.

I'll be monitoring the aftermath of what happened yesterday, and I'll be unfollowing and blocking as appropriate. Some of the behaviour I saw was unconscionable, even when aimed at people with whom you have deep-seated differences. To see such behaviour between those who should be allies is simply not acceptable, and I will be expunging the perpetrators from my sphere of influence, along with any other toxic influences.

My presence here was meant to be about learning and teaching and, if that goal starts to be jeopardised by such interactions in the future, I'll respond accordingly.

Be well, people, and find a way to be good to each other, even those you disagree with.

We have to be better than this.

Love and peace.


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