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 If you fancy a gift for the nerd in your life, have a look at some of my geek apparel. Available in many styles. 

If you see something you almost like, ask if I can so something different, within reason.

Click on the image to visit the page and see options.


I started with nothing...

All the following equations sum to zero. A nerd version of a classic joke. 

I started with Euler's Identity and I still have most of it left.

Also available in Dirac flavour...

Weyl flavour? Curvature own way!

And don't forget, just as not all heroes wear capes. not all nerds wear t-shirts...

Helmholtz flavour.

Oodles of other flavours to come.

And some other things...

Aren't they, though? Aren't people who fall within the mean of the Gaussian distribution adorable? We certainly think so. Give them some love.

One for the chemistry nerds. I couldn't give a fusion.

And, of course, we can't let our sartorial standards slip just because there's a zombie apocalypse going on...
Oh, what mugs we are, especially when we listen to that voice inside that tells us we know more than we really do about something. Experimental validation of Darwin's famous dictum about confidence...

And speaking of Darwin's dictum...
Obsessed? Moi?!

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