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Sunday 6 January 2019

Guest Post: Tu Quoque!

We've had some interesting guest contributions here since the resurrection of this little corner of the web. There have been erudite contributions on radiometric dating, economics in the face of Brexit, the importance of consilience in phylogeny, the history of axiomatisation in logic and mathematics.

Here, I present a stark offering on the nature of religious thought, and the double standard that seems to prevail in Western society, both in terms of our ability to attack one Abrahamic school of non-thought while vilifying another in one context and in declaring the former immune to the criticisms of the latter. Thus do we normalise the most horrific of crimes perpetuated on the most vulnerable in our world; our children. This is the insidious nature of our religious beliefs; that we seek to 'otherise'; to set apart one group of humans from another so that we can declare ourselves superior (Go, team!)

Anyhoo, enough of my rambling. I cede the floor now to my fiancĂ©e, Hallie, delivering a rare clarity of thought. 


Here in the States, it’s pretty common to see a news story condemning Islam. I don’t disagree with this. What pisses me off is I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a Christian lament some iteration of how that “poor girl was killed by those monsters for something she had no control over.” This happens. If someone possessing a vagina is raped, they can be put to death for enticing a penis-bearer into dirtying her, stealing her virtue, making her unfit for marriage, and dishonoring her family.

That practice being putrid and fundamentally wrong is not the argument. Any decent human can tell you it’s wrong. As can loads of vile scumbags.

Before we derail here, I don’t hate Muslims or Christians or any other person who’s sacrificed their free will to whatever religion fulfills their desires. But, I do loathe religion itself – the idea of it, the practice of it, what it does to people and societies. Theism? Certainly. As well as anything else that asks you to check critical thought at the door. We all do it, of course. To different degrees and in infinitely varied ways. That’s not an excuse to just accept it, however appealing you might find the idea of not having to think for yourself.

So, back to the scumbags. Let’s talk about Christians who scream at the injustices of Sharia Law, only to then disown their own children for being different from how they feel their children should be. Dare I say, dishonoring their parents? How many trans kids commit suicide every year because these cretins do their utmost to make sure they know they’re hated, unworthy, disgusting, wrong?

What’s child abuse? Giving children the freedom to express who they are, without fear of judgements or punishments? Or, indoctrinating children from birth to hate anyone they perceive to be different? What kind of life is that, having to live with so much misery, never able to let go of the poison your “loved ones” instilled in you?

Most of the atheists I know saved themselves from religion at some point and can tell you, it’s fucking awful. No wonder these people spend their days in the gleeful pursuit of destroying others.
I don’t fit neatly into any box, including one regarding gender. Neither does my son. Or, in fact, any person I’ve ever met in my life. Pretend all you like, we see you.
Men have emotions; it’s right for them to cry. Know what isn’t right? Telling them from babies that they’re sissies if they shed a tear or deviants if they want to play with dolls or, gods forbid, wear the color pink.

I am so fucking sick of these sick religious degenerates draping their hate-filled, sanctimonious, self-righteous bullshit in a shroud of “love”. WWJD? Probably crucify those pricks. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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