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Thursday 23 November 2017

Public Service Announcements

Regular readers on social media will be aware that I occasionally post little bits of information, usually reflecting some commonly-held but incorrect notion regarding a principle of logic or some popular misconception about what science says on a given topic. I thought I might as well collect them here.

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  1. Dear Tony.

    There is a book written by an italian named francesco carotta, the titel of the book is "was jesus caesar".

    It did help me to understand the gibberish in the gospels.

    You can find mr carotta on his website carotta.de

    If you havent read the book yet, i would certainly do.

    Succes with your work, we are at pope number 266 at the moment, so "they" will continue as there are many of them around the world in all sorts of derivations.

    Carotta compares the storie of the death and cremation of gaius iulius as written by appian en other roman historians, and compares this story with the jesus story, and he will give you a key, the key is at carottas site. the gospel of jesus is a fictional keynovel, the historical jesus never existed, or it would be a transfer of gaius iulius.

    wish you good luck, sent my greeting to phil donald, your fellow mancunian.

    its me bolders.


    there is also a youtube "the gospel of caesar" which for me was clarifying.

    the new testament was written by fl. titus josephus aka yufus ben mattetayu etc.


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