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Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Hackenslash Challenge

Here it is, folks.

Like many in my sphere of influence, such as it is, I'm often accused of going after the low-hanging fruit; of taking on only the arguments and opponents that are easy to defeat, maybe motivated by wanting to look better.

It's difficult for me to give voice to the contempt I have for this notion. My motivation is simple: To improve the quality of thought and discourse in the public sphere, and to provide sceptics and science-oriented people with the best tools in logic and rhetoric that I can muster.

As has often been done before, then, I offer a challenge:

If you think you have an argument that I haven't addressed for some theological idea, fringe science (loosely), or some other pet notion often scorned by sceptics and the scientific establishment, bring it.

I don't purport to be in a position to provide a robust scientific answer to every question, but I'm a demon researcher, and I have a high degree of scientific literacy, so I'm confident that I can at least answer any questions that are coherent.

Creationists, theists, flat-Earthers, expanding-Earthers, UFOlogists, dowsers, fortune-tellers, whatever. Post your challenges here and they will be met with the best I can provide.

If you don't feel up to the challenge yourself, feel free to nominate somebody who you think is the best advocate of your idea, and I'll happily hound them to the ends of the Earth (as long as you furnish me with some means of contacting them.

I expect this thread to remain unpopulated, but let's see, shall we?

If you can win the argument, I promise to champion your cause far and wide, and to ensure that all my scientist friends (of which I have many) are aware of the strength of your argument.

This is no idle challenge. It's genuine, and I will devote myself to promoting any idea that I am convinced has merit.

Over to you!

EDIT: In light of lack of traffic here, and to avoid having to monitor this post, I've set up an e-mail address for this purpose. If you have a challenge, please e-mail challenge@hackenslash.co.uk

This will give greater flexibility in presenting your argument, and will allow the inclusion of images.

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