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Friday, 2 February 2018

A Light in the Black: I guest on another blog.

While I'm working on new pieces for this space, I wanted to be sure that none of my regular readers missed this, not least because it gives me the opportunity to promote the blog of one of my favourite people on the planet.

I was invited by one of my dearest friends, a fellow blogger, to pen a guest piece for her blog. A medical professional who gives selflessly of herself in and out of the workplace, Molly is a stupendous writer who turns our beautiful language into a truly musical instrument, transforming every syllable into a bell, every sentence into a carillon.

Even her glowing introduction to my meagre offering takes a mere trinket and transmogrifies it into a crown jewel, elevating it well beyond its natural status.

In this piece, I talk about going to see an original work by an artist I've been trying to see for many years, always scuppered by circumstance. Given Molly's awareness of my usual oeuvre, wherein I'm usually linguistically constrained by the need to avoid ambiguity and equivocation - because these can engender horrible misunderstanding in the topics I usually deal with - she selflessly offered her space to me precisely so that I could stretch my figurative legs somewhat and let the language run free. This opportunity was a massive treat for me, dear reader, and I greatly hope that it's one for you too.

I encourage those who read the following to also check out the rest of Molly's blog, which I personally find captivating. There have been occasions in reading Molly's offerings in which I've felt almost like she's reached into my deepest self and rummaged around in there for things to talk about. 

I thank Molly for allowing me this space to write in a way that departs from my usual careful exactitude and play around a bit with the vocabulary that is such a central feature of my mental and psychological make-up. It's been an honour and a privilege.

A Light in the Black

The Whispering Dark - Molly's homepage.


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